How to Join Minecraft Servers

Joining Minecraft servers that are public is pretty simple. All you need to do is open your Minecraft launcher and to run the main game, click on play. If you see the main screen on your monitor or device, select the Multiplayer button. You will need to click the button that says Add Server so that you can add a server.

In the box for the Server Name you should type in the name of the server that you want to join. You can find a good list of Minecraft servers or find one that you like from a YouTube video or something. You also have to include the server address on the box that is labeled

... [...]

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The Ship

The Ship, created by Outerlight, is a multiplayer online murder mystery hosted on user owned servers utilizing Valve’s Steam distribution system. Currently the game is only available for purchase and download through Steam but will be available in stores in September. Let me begin by saying that... [...]

3 Ways to Troll IRL

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your peer be overwhelmed with shock and awe, fear, or temporary anxiety. If you like to screw around with other people's belongings, especially computers, then try these three ways to troll in real life. 1. Insert Key/International Keyboard Not many people know... [...]

The Best Computer Games

Each and every one of us has grown up playing with characters like Sonic, Mario, and Master Chief. Yes, they are immortal. These characters constitute the main elements of some of the best computer games ever created. What should always be remembered is that a newer game is not always the best. C... [...]

The Minecraft Phenomenon

Playing video games are one of the most popular activities among today’s generation. In the world of computers, can these addictive games be far so away? There are a number of popular computer games these days, but none of them are like Minecraft. This game was developed by an independent Swedish programmer Markus... [...]

The Counter Strike Score Board

One of the most common mistakes that new players make in Counter Strike is they don’t pay attention to the scoreboards. Scoreboards are available for each of the team members during the game and are updated in real time. They can be more important to fulfilling your mission and beating the round... [...]

What Next for the PlayStation 4?

The Playstation 4 hasn’t been out for that long and gamers are already wondering what will come next on the platform. While the usual answer to this is “ wait and see,” there were some significant changes to PS4 that set it apart from earlier generations and also give a hint as to where Sony is going... [...]

Homeless Beggars

I think we've all had our fair share of seeing homeless wandering the streets with nowhere to go. I get mixed feelings--some of them are huge assholes, but some are actually kind and decent. Regardless of what their personality is, they are most likely homeless because of their own doing, and they... [...]

Will Google Play Eventually Ban Smite?

If you haven’t been under a rock then you know that Smite is one of the fastest growing battle arena games available on Android. It hasn’t earned that position without some controversy. The use of gods as battle characters is causing some religions to complain that the depiction is demeaning, di... [...]

Now is the Right Time to Buy the Xbox One

Like every gaming system, there comes a time when you should avoid buying it and there is a time that you should take the leap and invest in the home gaming entertainment system; now is the right time to buy into Xbox One. Released towards the end 2013, the gaming system has been an industry leader... [...]