Team Play in Battlefield 4

Team play in Battlefield 4 will only work if you and your team members have good communication and familiarity with each other’s style. If you are the team leader then you need to make sure that you don’t let friendships determine who you team up with, you want to create a good balance between health, strength, weapons and more. Play hard and fast but don’t play favorites if you want to get to the goal and get out fast with your VIPs alive.

For many gamers who aren’t as experienced in the culture of online gaming, team play is for getting together with your friends in your home or online to enjoy the game. In the real gaming world, team play is taken very seriously. The latest Battlefield 4 contains some upgrades to the way team play works that reflect the seriousness of this effort.

Putting the Team Together

There are several different ways that you can put your team together. You can assemble them as a simple 4 player choice, or you can issue invitations or take part in an online match making system for competition play. The goal with team building is to make sure you have complementary team members.

Not everyone has to have max strength, or even max health; but someone should definitely be able to fulfill the role of the medic. You also want hackers, crackers, drivers and all else. In the new Battlefield 4 you aren’t just rescuing one person, but a whole group of VIPs and this will make everything all the more complicated in game play. Add in trying to manage a team effort, and life just got more complicated.

How to Be an Effective Team Leader

One of the features of Battlefield 4 that you can use to your advantage is the advanced in game communication systems. What is good is that the developers of Battlefield 4 have worked to make sure that it is compatible with a wide variety of game platforms so you can take advantage of their clarity and security as well. There is not a lot of time when you are leading the team into action to be sending text messages back and forth, an effective leader knows how to control the verbal communication of their team so only what is essential is broadcast. Your team needs to know who to look to for each kind of situation you encounter so that you can focus on the overall mission – as the team leader it is not always your job to solve every problem.

There is nothing wrong with kicking someone off your team, especially in competition. The most common reasons that someone is kicked off is that when push comes to shove they don’t show up to the actual Battlefield 4 matches. That is inexcusable; you need people you can rely on when you are in the game to see it through to its successful finish.